How to wear top-to-toe green?

Unless you want to look like a tree (or a Christmas bauble), you're going to need a few tips...

Ahhh St Patrick's Day, also known as the 24 hours we can drink vodka tonics and not feel guilty, because that's how you commemorate this fine day of celebration, right?

That, and wearing a whole lot of green, or at the very least, shamrocks. Problem is, wearing green from head to toe is tricky. We know. We tried it last year.

The key is to either work a few shades of the colour, or break it up with others. Burberry Prorsum's Book Cover Georgette Pencil Skirt, £695 teamed with Topshop's Utility Airtex Bomber Jacket, £45 is case in point.

Then again, if you're a bit of a daredevil and don't mind being mistaken for a frog, you can't go wrong with a completely emerald suit; especially in the form of Isa Arfen's Cropped Linen Wide-leg Pants, £485 and Vest, £595. Go completely wild and add Balenciaga's Giant Money Leather Wallet, £345 into the mix and everyone you come across at the pub will be singing your praises.

If you can't quite bring yourself to do it though, just add a touch here and there. We would wear Urban Outfitter's Preppy Cat Eye Sunglasses, £16 any time of the year and who could possibly go past the Acne Studios Wilma Leather Sandals, £300 for summer. Not us.