How to Look Good In Photos

I used to dread appearing in photos.

If you flip through all of my old photos, one thing is the same in all of them, I looked terrible.  Now, I actually like how I look in photos and the best thing is, I didn’t have to do anything major. With just a few changes in posture, deciding what to wear in advance and lifting my chin up, I look just as good in photos as in real life.

While I will probably never love the camera; I think it’s better to look appealing in a photo instead of like you’ve just been caught like a deer in the headlights.

These tips should help you out.

Hold Your Chin Up

Hold your chin up and look at the camera. This accomplishes two things. Most of us look our best when our chin is pointing up and not towards our chest.

As a woman, there should be about two inches of space between your neck and your chin in any photo. Taking a photo this way makes your face appear slimmer and will get rid of any embarrassing wrinkles that could appear if your chin is tucked down too much.

Holding your chin up will also force you to look directly at the camera which in anyone’s opinion, is the best way to take a photo.

Wear Dark Colours

You might have heard to wear horizontal stripes or colour blocking to break up your body shape in real life, but did you know that on photos, dark colours are slimming? Even if you don’t have anything to worry about, most cameras tend to add 5-10 pounds to the physique purely because of angle and focus.

You look bigger so you might as well do your best to look slim. Plus, dark colours show up well on photo, don’t monopolize the picture like a brighter colour might and are complimentary to most skin tones.  You don’t have to look like a vampire and dress all in black but a black top, a dark-blue dress or anything in a darker hue will look better on camera.

Learn To Smile

Smiling is a great way to look good in any photo, but you have to look real when you do it. Nothing looks worse than a fake smile and being caught on a photo with a bad smile will simply look awful until the end of time.

Think of a funny joke, something stupid your family members did or anything else that is likely to elicit a laugh. If you can’t smile for real, try gently curving your lips into a ‘Mona Lisa smile’ instead. It isn’t quite as pretty, but at least you won’t look like you have a bug caught in your teeth...

Distractions Help

Did you know that having something to hold onto is a great way to look good in any photo? Studies show that holding something gives you something to concentrate on so you don’t think about the photo as much. This means you are more relaxed and look more natural in the photo which is always a plus.

Think something you would normally be holding or something that has to do with the moment. A cake you baked and brought to a family gathering, your special someone’s arm, your mother-in-laws throat (just kidding) but whatever you can find that can get your attention off of the moment. My personal favourite way to accessorize on a photo is with a fabulous handbag.

It’s a normal thing to hold; you can concentrate on holding it in a complementary way and you can enjoy showing it off.