4 Easy Ways to Increase Your Twitter Followers

Facebook and Twitter are both popular social networking tools used by businesses to communicate and build relationships with their customers. And if like most businesses, you’re an avid user of both sites – you might actually be doing more harm than good.

It’s very easy and dangerously common to synergise your posts on both networking sites, but in fact it’s extremely tiring and uninteresting seeing the same update twice from a customer point of view. Therefore, it’s important to consider your audience on each site. This way you will be able to create a distinction and produce a more accurate social media plan.

Twitter, is extremely useful for presenting your brand personality. This is particularly helpful for smaller businesses where you need repeat custom on regular occurrence i.e. beauty salons and hairdressers. Customers like to know what you’re reading, watching, doing, what’s hot and what’s not. Doing this successfully will make your online life more exciting.

So with that in mind, here are 4 fundamental tips on how to engage effectively with your audience via Twitter:

1 – Put together a Tweet plan

It’s important to craft your tweets to your preferred audience with the aim to attract attention from the people you want to reach – whilst still remaining useful and engaging for your current followers. This is why it is important to create a Tweet plan, as planning on how you are going to utilize Twitter will help to provide a healthy consistency and save you a lot of time. A tool which will help implement your tweet plan successfully is, TweetDeck.

2 – Download TweetDeck

Once you’re following hundreds of Twitterers and visa versa, it becomes increasingly hard to keep up-to-date with them all - this is where TweetDeck can be of assistance. It’s free to download and allows you to view a constant running faucet of feeds as well as view your @mentions, direct messages and new followers on one screen without opening a new browser. You can also view and close profiles faster, search keywords, trends and also schedule tweets for up to a month in advance. It’s the perfect tool for organising the consistency and flow of all things Twitterly.

3 – Incorporate keywords/hashtags across all online platforms

Using keywords and hashtags in your tweets will prove to be useful when reaching new audiences. If used consistently, it makes it clearer for others to understand who you are, why you want to connect with them and what you want to talk about. Your keywords will need to be incorporated into your tweet plan so that you can determine how many tweets you want to publish each day, which leads us to our final point:

4 – Vary your tweets

Mixing up the style of tweets for your audience is Just as important as differentiating your content between social networking sites. The 6 examples below are a perfect sample to get you going:

Product Focus: this can be anything from new products, offers on treatments, sale, or pick of the week. Try to make it your own and remember to be very clear on what you’re offering.

Useful links to your blog/gallery: It’s important to let your users know that you have new content. Try to be as creative as you can here, for example: conduct interviews with new staff members, awards, photo shoots and behind the scene articles.

Resourceful links – 3rd party: This could be anything from an article you’ve seen from your favourite girl crush, new high tech beauty treatments or the latest hair trend.

Quotes from beauty icons/legends: it’s nice to feed your audience a little inspiration from time to time.

Present a solution/tip: a lot of your followers might turn to you for advice, so if appropriate, share the answer and your knowledge with all your followers.

Focus on benefits/definitions of the treatments/service you offer: this can be done by a simple explanation or even before and after snaps.

Linkluv tweets: ‘Retweet ‘from fellow site owners and get networking.

If all 4 points are conducted successfully, not only will you become addicted to TweetDeck but also create a more exciting brand identity for your business and improve sales as a result.